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"Crowley Two Step" - Happy, Doc & The Hadacol Boys

Leroy "Happy Fats" Leblanc would be J.D. Miller's first band to record on his new label Fais Do Do.  It would be only the second studio setup to record in Louisiana and the first studio in Louisiana to focus on Cajun music. During the first session in 1947 in Crowley, they recorded an instrumental song in which they entitled it "Crowley Two Step" (#1020).   Sometimes referred to as the "Old Crowley Two Step", it is not to be confused with the Breaux version which was popularized by Aldus Roger 1960s.   Once Aldus reworked the Breaux tune, that song was considered the New Crowley Two Step.
Oran "Doc" Guidry

The song contains a swinging ride by a prolific fiddler known as Oran "Doc" Guidry.  He had been playing with many bands throughout south Louisiana before the war and teamed up with Leblanc's group in the 30s.  The steel guitar in the background is probably either Red Fabacher or Papa Cairo but it's undetermined.  Both players worked with Leroy over the years. If you listen to the Hackberry Rambler's "La Breakdown A Pete", you may get a glimpse of the melody's origins.  It's got some similarities to the popular song "Dance With A Dolly With A Hole In Her Stocking".1

Even with Happy's name on the record, most give authorship to Doc, given that it was his fiddle that made the song ride.  The melody would find it's way into the Walter Mouton song "Scott Playboy's Special".

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  1. good work and a good tune thanks Wade!

  2. Buffalo Gals, 1844 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buffalo_Gals


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