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"Black Bayou One Step" - Anatole Credure

After Falcon, Soileau and Ardoin recorded some of the first Cajun music in 1928, production peaked in the autumn of 1929, after which the number of issues tapered off in the wake of the famous stock market crash.  One of the last Cajun recordings of this traditional era was Anatole Credure.

Qu'y c'est tu veux faire, 

Quitter, mais, ton vieux nèg, 

Quoi faire tu veux faire ça, 

quand moi j'ai pas rien fait chère.

Tu devrais pas, babe, 
Faire ça mais z'avec moi,
Par moi je mérite pas ça, 
'Garde donc combien loin moi je suis.

Tu dois quitter ton nég,
Quelque, mais(?), oui, chère,
Jamais je (re)tourne à toi, 
La faute à tes beaux yeux.
Sidney Granger, Anatole Credeur,
Tieho Young, Ada Gauxtreaux Credure,
Levy Credure

Credure was from a small community south of Lake Charles called Black Bayou and learned how to play the accordion. He would play often accompanied by Wilson and Sidney Granger at house parties on Black Bayou and other dancehalls such as Patin's Club in Goosport.  Wilson recalls their music:

"We played tunes like 'Jole Blond', 'Chere Tout Tout,' them old songs.  They're still playing them."2

Dressed in contemporary garb, accordionist Anatole Credure and his dapper band recorded four sides for the Brunswick label in Dallas, Texas, in 1929.  One of these tunes was known as the "Black Bayou One Step" (#383).1

What you want to do is,

Leave your old man, well,

Why do you want to do this,

When I haven't done anything, dear.

You shouldn't, baby,
Do this to me, well,
Myself, I do not deserve this,
Look at how far away I am.

You must leave your old man,
Something, well, yes dear,
I'll never return to you,
It's because of your beautiful eyes.

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