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"Louisiana Stomp" - Floyd Leblanc

Bennie Hess of Texas had gathered several musicians during the 1940s between Texas and Louisiana for his string band.   He had Virgil Bozman on guitar, Floyd Leblanc, and even Iry Lejeune on accordion for a brief period.  Floyd was a fiddler and guitarist that had emerged on the scene during the 1940s.  By 1949, Virgil had settled in Lake Charles and created his new OT Recording Company label with the help of George Khoury.   Virgil, needing artists for his label, worked with his exemplary fiddle player Floyd to record a few tunes including the "Louisiana Stomp" (#104).   

Comment, tite fille,
Oui, tu croire j'vas faire,
Mon toute seul, jolie coeur, à ma maison,
Il y a pas longtemps.

Pourqoui, tite fille,
Te fais ça, te aller,
Te rejoindre ta maison, mais,
Moi j'connais tu croire petite.

Faudra, tite fille,
Te m'as fais, te rejoindre,
Ta maison, jolie coeur, mais,
Moi j'connais tu croire, tite fille,

Pourquoi, cherie,
Ta fais ça avec,
Oui, ton negre, malheureux,
Il y a pas longtemps, m'rejoindre de toi.

However, by 1950, it seems that Khoury had acquired the recording after O.T.'s demise and re-released it alongside Shuler's "J'ai Passe Devant Ta Porte".  Khoury renamed the group as "Le Blanc's French Band" however, it's believed the majority of the members were the Oklahoma Tornados.    This could be because he wanted to avoid royalties, possibly to get around any discrepancies with Virgil and Floyd's early attempt, or wanted to increase jukebox sales with something that seemed brand new.
How, little girl, yeh, 
Do you think I'm going to do this,
I'm all alone, sweetheart, at my house,
Before too long.

Why, little girl, 
Did you do that, you're leaving,
You returned to your house, well, 
I know you're thinking about it, little one.

You will, little girl, 
Make me return to you,
To your house, sweetheart, well, 
I know thinking about it, little girl.

Why have you, little girl, 
Done that with,
Yeh, your old man, oh my, 
Before too long, I'll return to you.

  1. South to Louisiana: The Music of the Cajun Bayous By John Broven
  2. Lyrics by Jerry M and Stephane F

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