Thursday, September 22, 2016

"Le Garcon Negligent" - Guidry Brothers

The Guidry Brothers had a short stint recording for Vocalion in 1929.  The group, most likely from south Louisiana, consisted of either 3 or possibly 4 members however, it's unknown.  Only 6 songs were listed in the session sheet. 

Allons aller voir la ‘tite fille,

Il y a bien longtemps, j’ai pas eu des nouvelles,

Les jours passés, j’ai envoyé un mail,

Elle m’a jamais renvoyé des nouvelles.


Hé, quoi tu fais, toi, chère petite fille,

T’es après me laisser pour partir avec un autre,

T’aurais pas du me faire des promesses,
Mais quelles nouvelles j’vas apporter à mon père?

T’avais pas su le malheur que j’ai eu, 
Quand j’arrivais, la belle était partie,
Elle était partie se marrier avec un autre,
Mais, quel espoir que moi j’peux avoir?

J’ai toujours dit, "Toi t'es un garçon,
Qui negligeais beaucoup trop ses visites,
Tu sais toi-même quand y a une belle paix dans l'âme,
Y a toujours quequ' malin pour te la prendre."
"Le Garcon Neglignet" (#15849).   It's the first recording of the similar melody later used in "Big Texas" and "Jambalaya".  Lyrically, the theme is a common one; similar to Jolie Blonde where the love interest leaves with another because of a "negligent boy".  While the word "malin" signifies "intelligent", the context here is more along the lines of "mischevious" or "canaille", similar to "smart-ass". 

Recorded at half-time tempo, it could have easily been the source for the Breaux Brother's "La Valse De Bayou Plaquemine", Cleoma Breaux's "Pin Solitaire", J.B. Fusilier's "Lake Arthur Waltz", Happy Fats' "Gran Prairie", Jolly Boys' "Abbeville", and "Allons Kooche Kooche" by the Louisiana Rounders. 
Come see me, little girl,
It's been a long time, I have not heard any news,
The past few days, I sent a letter,
She never returned any news.

Hey, what you've done, dear little girl,
You've left me to go with another,
You should not have made promises,
Well, what news will I bring to my father?

You didn't have the problems I had,
When I arrived, my beautiful one was gone,
She was gone to get married with another,
Well, what hope can I have?

I have always said "You, you're a boy,
Who neglected far too many visits,
You know yourself when there is a beautiful peace in your soul,
There's always someone mischievous to take it away."

  1. Lyrics by Stephane F
CAJUN-Rare & Authentic: 1929 - 1934 (JSP, 2008)

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