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"Mon Favori" - Falcon Trio

The Falcon Trio.  The group consisted of Joe Falcon on accordion, Cleoma Breaux Falcon on guitar and vocals along with Moise Morgan on fiddle.  Not to be confused with her song "Ma Valse Prefere" recorded in 1934, this song was recorded in New Orleans two years later in 1936 along with some other cover tunes.

Oh moi tout seul à la maison

Plus personne pour m’aimer

Comment ça moi j’vas faire? 

M’quitte pas dans tout ça, ça je prefere,

Ne m’quitte pas à la maison, moi tout seul, malheureux.

Tu vas voir ton erreur avant longtemps,
Ce sera trop tard chère petite fille, tu regretteras, malheureux.

Tu vas venir à la maison avant longtemps,
Me demander des pardons, des excuses pour quoi t’as fait.

P'tite mon dieu, tu connais y a juste toi, 
Dans le pays pour moi donc, oui pour moi oui aimer.

Et moi je veux encore ta petite fille
Pourquoi donc tu veux m’donc maltraiter, comme ça fait mal.

Tu connais, t’as pu voir ton erreur, 
Ton erreur toi t’as fait y a pas longtemps, malheureux.
Cleoma and Joe Falcon

It's sometimes referred to as "Le Meilleur" and also referred to as "Ma Valse Favori" or "My Favorite Waltz".  The melody is the same tune as "La Valse De Marais Bouleur or "Marie Buller". It's a faint rendition of Amedie Breaux's "Ma Blonde Est Partie" which her brother covered seven years earlier.   Given she's singing about a man losing his chère petite fille, it's no surprise if she borrowed from her brother's song.  It's a very familiar melody throughout Cajun music, influencing other songs such as Lawrence Walker's "La Breakdown La Louisiane".

Oh, I'm at home all alone,

No one left to love me,

How am I going to handle this?

Do not leave me in all of this, that I'd prefer,

Do not leave me in the house, all by myself, oh my.

You'll realize your mistake before too long,
It'll be too late dear little girl, you'll regret this, oh my.

You're coming home before too long,
Ask for forgiveness, apologize for what you did.

Little one, my God, you know you're the only one,
In the country for me, yeh, for me, yeh, to love.

And I still want you little girl,
Why do you want to mistreat me, it hurts so much.

You know, you've seen your mistake,
Your mistake you did to yourself not long ago, oh my.

Unlike "Marie Buller", "Ma Valse Favori" comes the closest to the lyrics chosen for Jolie Blonde.   Since she is historically credited for writing the lyrics to Amedie's song, this may explain why this is her favori.   

  1. Lyrics by Stéphanie D

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