Tuesday, November 22, 2016

"Cajun Love" - Link Davis

Lewis Lincoln Davis was born in Sunset, Texas and grew up in Wills Point, Texas. As a young man he learned to master the fiddle and sax in various kinds of music, including his own style. He knew and played with everyone from his era including having his own bands.  He played with other well known artist such as Moon Mullican, Floyd Tillman, Dean Rasberry, Harry Choates, the ''Big Bopper'', Bob Wills and even backed up Elvis and Tommy Sands at varoius clubs and concerts.1

In his 1954 recording of "Cajun Love", his band consisted of Cameron Hill on guitar, Herb Remington on steel guitar, Buck Henson on bass, and Doug Hudson on piano.  He used the melody of Harry Choates "Jole Blon", but with different lyrics, in English and French, even incorporating Harry's signature "Eh! Ha Hah!" throughout the song.   It's no surprise since Link and Harry had worked together during their career.
Link Davis

What makes me love ya, chere, this way,

What makes me stays home and cry both night and day,

Cajun love will never die,

So in love with you am I,
Eh ha ha, Cajun love.

Oh, my chere petite,
'Pre'm'quitter, pour t'en aller,
Ma jolie (fille) ma jolie (coeur),
Te petite et 'tite migonne,
Eh ha ha, Cajun love.

So many teardrops that flood my lonely soul,
Till the end of time, and I know I'll never change my mind,
Cajun love will never die,
So in love with you am I,
Eh ha ha, Cajun love.

Link recorded and wrote Cajun, rock-a-billy, country, western swing, and even some pop songs. 

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