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"Chatatinia Waltz" - Austin Pitre

Austin Pitre was one of the founding dancehall era accordionists during the 1950s.  His father, Joseph, played the fiddle, but it was an accordion he presented to Austin on his 6th birthday, looking ahead with hopes that someday his young son might join him at playing the popular house dances of that time.1,2 Austin had an enviably unspoiled style as a vocalist, accordionist, and violinist. Besides Leo Soileau, his major influence was Amadie Ardoin.3

Eh, chére tit fille,

Fais pas ça avec ton neg,

Malheurese tu vas pleurer

Ça t'as fait z'avec moi y'a pas longtemp.

Eh, mais, moi'j'suis là,

Dans les misère, mon tout seul,
Par rapport ma chére tit monde
Tu m'as fait des misère au si loin.

Malheureuse, prends courage,
T'en revenir, va faire encore
Malheurese, vas s'en aller
S'en aller pour 'venir, malheureuse

Austin Pitre

Chataignier (misspelled Chatatinia) is a small community in Evangeline Parish, Louisiana.  Austin's band worked up a tune called the "Chatatinia Waltz" (#1013) for J.D. Miller's new Feature label in 1950.   It was actually a melody by Doc Guidry called "Le Nuevo Te Maurice".   By this time, Miller seemed to drop his Fais Do Do label and use it as a subtitle on the records.

Hey, dear little girl,

Don't do that to you old man,

Oh my, you'll cry,

Did that with me there, not so long ago.

Hey, well, I am there,

In misery, all by myself,

Respectfully, my dear little everything,
You've made me miserable so far.

Oh my, take courage,
You'll return, you will do it again,
Oh my, going to go,
Going to go just to return, oh my.

Austin's first band, Evangeline Playboys, became one of the most sought after Cajun bands, drawing capacity crowds at all their dances.  The Chinaball Club's owner, in a last desperate effort to save his club, begged Austin to play his club....said he'd have to close up if he didn't come.  So, Austin and his band traveled to Bristol, Louisiana and they brought the crowds with them.  Austin and his band ended up playing there every weekend for six years.1,2

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Acadian All Star Special - The Pioneering Cajun Recordings Of J.D. Miller (Bear, 2011)

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  1. Nice one. The Swallow version is a real favorite, but somehow I missed this earlier version on the BF box. Thanks for the reminder. . . .


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