Friday, July 24, 2015

"Two Step De Kindergarden" - Elise Deshotel

As Nathan Abshire's post-war recordings with George Khoury become more popular, friends of Nathan began recording, trying to gain popularity.  It wasn't uncommon to have the same musicians of one band play in other bands.   Given the variety of places to play, musicians such as Dewey Balfa, and Elise Deshotel formed other groups in order to capitalize on the dance hall music business.

In the ’50s, Dewey’s notoriety was reaching new heights. In 1951, he waxed his first recording with the Louisiana Rhythmaires led by Elise Deshotel and Maurice Barzas for George Khoury’s Lake Charles-based label. Exactly when this recording was done is unknown but at some point Elise and some of his group recorded the "Two Step De Kindergarden" (#620).  It's a quick-paced, accordion-led instrumental.  
Atlas Fruge, Will Kegley, Nathan Abshire,
Cleveland "Cat" Deshotel, Elise Deshotel

Nathan's group would play with Elise from time to time as well as Elise playing with Nathan's group.   When Nathan Abshire's regular guitar player, Ernest Thibodeaux, wasn't available, his substitutes on guitar were Harry Lafleur, Preston Manuel, or Elise Deshotel.

  1. Louisiana Music by Lyle Ferb
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  1. Paul Daigle recorded this song, good one to dance and smile to,


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