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"La Recomendation Du Soulard" - Guidry Brothers

Every so often, in researching early music, there's not enough information on the artist to come to any conclusion on the history or origins.   The Guidry Brothers are an example of this difficult but exciting process of having no information other than the wonderful sound the recording has produced.  In this case, "La Recomendation du Soulard" (#15844) is a tune performed by a Cajun trio incorporating an accordion, guitar, and fiddle.
Quand j'étais jeune garçon,
Les choses étaient différentes,
J'avais tout mon idée,
C'était sur les jeunes filles.
A présent que je suis vieux,
Tous les choses ils sont changées,
J'ai mis mon iyoutntention,
De dessus la boisson.
Parlez-nous à boire,
C'est là dans nos plaisirs,
Il faut jamais penser,
De juste se marier.
Quand on est marié,
Si la femme elle soigne(?) pas,
On est dans les dangers,
De toujours travailler.
Parlez-moi (z)à boire,
C'est là dans mes plaisirs,
Il faut jamais penser,
De juste se marier.
Quand on est marié,
On se met à tout crier(?),
Toujours en regrettant,
Ce joli temps pas.

It's an old drinking song about getting reminiscing about single life, getting married, and the regrets which lead to drinking.  It may have some similarities to a much older tune known as "Si J'aurais Des Ailes".  Although recorded in New Orleans for Vocalion in 1929, records do not show who played what instrument on any of the songs. The tune incorporates yodeling buried between the french lyrics.  However, it seems that at some point, one of the members begins to yodel and just gives up halfway through.  According to author Chris King:
Le Recommendation Du Soulard displays this less than first-class yodel but it has to be said the performance is very individual; at times one is reminded as much of an English Morris Dance number than a Cajun piece, all of which adds to the enjoyment. 
When I was a young boy,
Things were different,
I had thoughts,
They were of young girls.
Now that I am old,
All things have changed,
I set my intentions,
Topping the drink.
Tell you about drinking,
It's our pleasures,
We never think,
Of just getting married.
When we are married,
Whether the woman nurses or not,
We are in danger,
Always working.
Tell me about drinking,
It's my pleasure,
We never think,
Of just getting married.
When we are married,
We start to cry,
Always regretting,
It's not a pretty time.

The Balfas would later turn this song into their famous tune "Parlez Nous a Boire" in 1964 and again in 1966.

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