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"Dans La Louisiane" - Vin Bruce

Ervin Joseph “Vin” Bruce who got his start with country and rockabilly, grazed the genre of Cajun music with tunes such as "Fille De La Ville".  Even though Columbia had shy-ed away from the style after 1929, Bruce would bring the label as close as possible back to Cajun music by singing about Louisiana life, similar to contemporaries such as Moon Mullican, Gene Rodrigue, Lou Millet, and others. In 1951, Vin would score a contract and several months later, in 1952, he traveled to Nashville, TN to record the tune "Dans La Louisianne (In Louisiana)" for Columbia (#20923).

Oh, chère ‘tite fille, moi qui t’aime oui autant,

Oh, chère ‘tite fille t’es tout le temps avec moi,

Un jour à l’avenir, tu vas voir ça j’te dis,

J’vais t’après t’espérer dedans la Louisiane.

J’ai demandé à ton père, pour te marier,
J’ai demandé à ta mère, pour te marier,
Ils m’ont répondu : tu peux la prendre
Si tu te maries dedans la Louisiane.

La bague que j’t’achète, oui me coûte plein d’l’argent,
La bague que j’t’achète, c’est pour toi, oui tout l’temps,
Une chose que j’veux t’dire si jamais qu’tu t’en vas,
J’vais t’après t’espérer dedans la Louisiane.
Vin Bruce & Zeke Clement

Vin's vocals were backed by Grady Martin on mandolin, possibly Harold Bradley "Shot" Jackson on steel guitar, Owen Bradley on piano, and Tommy Jackson on fiddle.  Unlike most Cajun musicians that grew up in the prairies, Vin grew up on the river and it showed in his music.  Those who did stay on the river are different musically. Though a French singer, Bruce's music is distinctly not Cajun.  According to author Barry Ancelet:
"Their music is remarkably different, less historically influenced by the accordion, more string oriented, more country sounding,"1

Oh, dear little girl, me whom, I love you so much,

Oh, dear little girl, you're with me all the time,

One day in the future, you'll see, I'm telling you,

I expect you'll be in Louisiana.

I asked your father to marry you,
I asked your mother to marry you,
They said "You can take her",
"If I marry you in Louisiana".

The ring I bought you, yeh, it cost me lots of money,
The ring I bought you, it's for you, yeh, forever,
One thing I wanna tell you, if ever you leave me,
I expect you'll stay in Louisiana.


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  1. He decided he didn't want to live in Nashville so he came home to south Louisiana. He is very shy and his wife told my wife he needs a few drinks before he will get up and sing.


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