Friday, November 3, 2017

"Cajun Records: 1946-1989" by Nick Leigh

I'm excited to announce that Nick Leigh and I (and countless other volunteers and authors) have completed one of the most momentous and challenging projects conceived regarding Cajun music recordings. The second edition of "Cajun Records 1946-1989" is released. For the first time, we've helped Nick highlight and document the post-war recording era of Cajun music. It features details on almost every commercial Cajun recording between 1946 and 1989. It includes all the 78 RPM recordings of the Cajun Dancehall Era. It also contains information on almost every 45 RPM recording during the Cajun Renaissance Era until 1989. Considered a project which has been way overdue, it's a must-have document for any Cajun music record collector and for any student of Cajun music history. Be sure to visit the Rhythm and Blues Magazine website and download a PDF copy now.

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