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"La Valse De Amour (Waltz of Love)" - Sidney Brown

One of the most respected musicians in the business was Sidney Brown of Lake Charles, Louisiana.  His accordion music turned tunes like the Valse de Meche "La Pestauche Ah Tante Nana" or Sha Ba Ba" into hits of yesterday and classics of today.  Records such as these were fine examples of authentic French music at it's best.1

Oh, joues roses, quoi faire donc, ‘tit monde,

T’après m'quitter aujourd’hui dans les misères,
Tout je t'demande, joues roses, fais pas ça, bébé,
Moi j'connais t’auras du regret pour le restant d'ma vie,

Oh, joues roses, moi je vois pas, donc quoi,
Quoi tu fais pour toi-même, t’après m'quitter,
Dit-moi, c’est fait ye yaille, je m'rappelle pas, joues roses, 
Vient-toi donc, ouais, me donner une autre chance.
Crowley Daily Signal
July 16, 1959

Sidney loved accordion music at an early age; so much, in fact that he began to teach himself to play.  By the time he was 13, he had learned enough to play dances and fais do dos in his hometown of Church Point, Louisiana and was soon developing his own style and sound.  By the 1956, he teamed up with Eddie Shuler and his Goldband label to create "La Valse de Amour" (#1046).  The melody seems to be a mixture of Iry Lejeune's "Convict Waltz" and "Te Monde" but with a strong resemblance to his tune "Come And Get Me".

Oh, little rosy cheeks, what happened, my little world,
You have left me today in misery,
All I ask of you, little rosy cheeks, don't do that, baby,
I know you are going to regret this for the rest of my life.

Oh, little rosy cheeks, I don't see, so why,
Why have you done this to yourself, you left me,
Tell me, it's done, ye yaille, I don't remember, little rosy cheeks,
So come on, yeah, give me another chance.

As his record sales increased so did the offers of personal appearances and he formed a group called the Traveler Playboys to fill his many engagements.  They consisted of Vinus Lejeune and Nelson Young on fiddles, Wilus (Wallace) Ogea on guitar, Mervin Faul on steel guitar and Cliton Newman on drums.

  1. Sidney Brown LP.  Goldband Records.  Mike Leadbitter.  Liner notes.
  2. Lyrics by Jordy A
Release Info:
-A Highball Two Step G-1046-A Goldband
-B La Valse De Amour G-1046-B Goldband

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