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"A Ute" - Leo Soileau

Cajun fiddler Leo Soileau made a name for himself after waxing four sides for Victor Records in 1928.  He became the second Cajun recording artist after the Falcons and was the first fiddler to record for a major label.  After his partner Mayuse Lafleur died in a senseless tragedy, he continued to record until the Great Depression took hold.

Eh, bébé, éyoù toi t'es?
Pourquoi-donc toi t'es fais,
Jolie fille, avec moi,
Jolie fille, pour ton vieux nègre?

Eh, bébé, pourquoi-donc,
T'as fait ça à ton vieux nègre,
Jolie 'tite fille, faudra que tu viens,
Pour faire t'as fait avant longtemps.

Eh, chère, comment ç(a) se fait,
Ma jolie, t'as jamais vu,
J'vu jaimais, jolie fille, 
Pourquoi-donc tu t'en reviens pas?

Oh, chère, éyoù toi t'es,
Jolie 'tite fille, ton vieux nègre,
Cher tit monde, pour trop tard,
Tu viens pas t'en revoir ton nègre.

Ah, mon nègre, moi j'm'en va,
Oui, là-bas, z'à grand Crowley,
Oh, mon nègre, pour te rejoindre,
Pourquoi-donc tu fais tout ça?

Crowley Post Signal
Dec 9, 1935
By 1935, RCA's new Bluebird recording division contacted Leo about recording again and this time he assembled a string band group.  By 1936, Leo had been switched over from Bluebird to Decca Records where he used the opportunity to re-record two of his original Victor pieces, one entitled "A Ute (Where Are You)" (#17017).   A clear mis-spelling of the phrase éyoù toi, the song was a string band version of the classic Mayuse Lafleur song "Mama Where You At?".

Leo was backed by fellow guitarists Bill Landry, Floyd Shreve and probably drummer Tony Gonzales, all billed as the Four Aces of Crowley. The melody remained in the popular Cajun repertoire among area musicians until after WWII, when the song became more commonly known as "Hey Mom". 

Hey, baby, where are you at?
So, what have you done,
Pretty girl, with me,
Pretty girl, with your old man?

Hey, baby, so what,
You'd done that to your old man,
Pretty little girl, you have to return,
To do what you've done before long.

Hey, dear, how that feels,
My pretty one, you'll never see,
I'll never see, pretty girl,
So why don't you return.

Oh, dear, where are you at?
Pretty little girl, you old man,
Dearest everything, it's too late,
You won't return to see your man.

Ah, my friend, I'm leaving to ,
Yea, over there, to big Crowley,
Oh, my friend, you'll come back,
So why have you done all that?

  1. Lyrics by Stephane F

Release Info:
NO-60795 A Ute (Where Are You) | Decca 17017 A
NO-60792 Je M'Ennui Ce Soir (I'm Lonesome Tonight) | Decca 17017 B