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"Ain't No More" - Texas Melody Boys

Robert William "Pee Wee" Pitre was one of the single session Cajun recording artist of the early 1950s.  A native of Kinder, Louisiana, he was a radio entertainer and accordion player in Eunice.  He moved to Texas at some point after WWII and formed a group he referred to as the Texas Melody Boys. 

His "group" recorded a popular Amede Breaux tune called "Vas Y Carrement", more commonly referred to as "Step It Fast".   In 1949, Nathan Abshire tied lyrics to the song which Pitre borrowed for his title "Ain't No More" (#500).  It's about The recording is quite fast paced and a bit confusing aurally.  While some hear multiple musicians, researcher and author Lyle Ferbrache believes we're hearing the sounds of a one-man-band.  He explains:
It seems the Texas Melody Boys were just Pee Wee singing and playing the accordion and a drum! I love the record and play it often and that’s all I hear.1  

Eunice News
Nov 29, 1946

Sadly, not much is known about Pee Wee.  He moved to Pasadena Texas in 1954 shortly after the recording and died in 1960. 


  1. Post War Cajun 78 RPM Nuggets - Blues & Rhythm. 2014

Release Info:
Ain’t No More | Khoury's 500 A
Old Time Waltz | Khoury's 500 B

Cajun Honky Tonk: The Khoury Recordings, Volume 1 (Arhoolie, 1995)

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